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Colour up your Christmas

Q-ismas Star®

Q-ismas star® is a new Poinsettia selection from Graff Breeding®

Customer surveys shows, that younger people adores Poinsettia more and more, especially in the new colours and when they can see the “star” on top of the “tone in tone” dark green foliage. Therefore, our breeding arefocusingonthe end-consumers and their new and growing interest in “different” Poinsettia. Through breeding, we are trying to change the perception of Poinsettia and to increase the younger generation interest. Beside this, we as a new Poinsettia breeding company are still focusing on following characteristics as well;

  • Longer lasting shelf life both at consumer and retail**

  • Different look, colours and shapes

  • Popular colour combination (One variety – in many colours)

  • Easy compact growth, V-shape, well branching and strong in transportation

  • All are suitable for pot size 6 and 15cm – creating a unique and eye-catching look

** Graff Breeding and our variety Q-ismas Crunch® have been awarded twice (2014/15 and 2015/16), at the Dutch Flora Holland LTO Poinsettia Award

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